How to have a positive impact on the environment

Reducing negative effects on the environment my sound difficult, but is it really? We live in a society based on convenience, wherein buying a bottle of water is easier than using the sink. However, the choices we make have a direct influence on our environment, reducing chances of survival for our planet in the long run. So, how can we help? It requires a little effort and if you are willing to take into consideration certain actions the reward might be unexpectedly pleasant!

Avoid gift wrap

This may sound surprising for most of you, but it is a small gesture that could have serious, positive outcomes for the environment. How do we overcome the absence of gift wrap during festivities then? We rely on magazines, catalogues, old drawings or even reusable bags. Sometimes, it could even be a nice idea to use old clothing pieces, so that the wrap becomes part of the gift itself!

Do not buy water in plastic bottles

The latter is probably the most common and known habit to help the environment. Plastic waste is extremely dangerous and there are simple ways to avoid that. Vitamin waters, herbal waters, and other types of beverages, they all exist in other formats. And if you truly want to be a step ahead you should definitely buy a reusable, recycled bottle!

Choose the right refrigeration system

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems have an impact on our environment as well. Contributions to ozone depletion and global warming of such systems should not be underestimated, because they can lead to serious issues. Fortunately, not being part of this harmful process is simple. In fact, certain refrigeration systems such as the r513a have a considerably lower impact on the environment, diminishing the correlation between its functioning and potential damages to the stratospheric ozone. It is up to you, choose wisely!

Go for organic and local products

This a small step to reduce your impact on the environment, but it can really make a lot of difference. The reasons behind choosing to support local and organic productions are several, but the most underestimated one is that they simply do not have annoying, unnecessary pesky stickers! You win, the environment wins!

Think carefully before you print

We are used to print everything that comes to our mind. Nevertheless, this is a huge waste of paper that does not have any good consequence on our planet. Therefore, we strongly advise you to think carefully before doing so. Go for a black and white print unless it is crucial to do otherwise, since cartridges are often thrown away before being actually empty, and try to use both sides!

Unplug chargers

Bummer! Not unplugging the thousands of chargers we have is a waste of energy! So try to always keep in mind not to leave your charger plugged after you used it, it is a simple but effective way to save our world!

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