Why we need smartphones that help to save the earth?

Just imagine living on the earth before the invention of mobile phones, it was calm and slow. Mobile phones have not only changed our lifestyles rather it has become a great necessity of the time.  

The advent of the 21st century proved a revolutionary century in modern technology. The smartphones are so light weighted that everyone can keep them in the bag or pocket. In 2019 the smartphone users were more than 2.1 billion. 

Smartphones have revolutionized the lives of the earth. A farmer can approach the other farmers working far away in the field by just a phone call. A laborer working in a corner of the globe can send money to his parents in home town. The weather forecast can help the fishermen to plan their voyages. A traveler cannot astray due to maps and directions available on the phone. See the link for further benefits of smartphones.

Considering the use of phones in politics, a layperson can share political content available in the social media and apps. You will hardly find any walk of life that has not been affected by smartphone technology.  But the positive or negative use of technology depends upon the user.   

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