How to unlock your mobile phone

Sometimes people need to unlock or you can say factory unlock their mobiles phones or handsets. The main purpose of unlocking the mobile phone is to use any network on the mobile phone. You should be confused about is it legal or not? Obviously it is a legal method, actually this method allows you to use the cheap sim only deals, in the same mobile. There are many ways with the help of you can unlock your mobile phone, but we suggest you to use the legit method. Here we will show you an easy way to unlock your handset.

1. Purchase Unlock Code

One of the best, easiest and most recommended methods is to buy the unlock code. You can buy it from amazon, ebay, and other websites. Either you can buy the code from online platforms or from the unlock services providers. Make sure one thing before purchasing the code is the seller must have best reviews and the rating should be 4.5 plus. This is how you can save yourself from any kind of scam. The one more reason of recommendation is, it is considered as the cheapest way to unlock the mobile phone.

2. Ask Mobile Operator to Unlock Mobile Phone

If you are not satisfied with the purchasing of the unlock code, then what’s the problem? Just simplay call your network operator and ask them if you want to unlock your mobile phone. Of Course they will charge you some extra money, around £30. The famous networks are EE mobiles, BT mobiles, Vodafone mobiles, Three Company and many other reputed networks are offering the unlock services. This is the trusted way for unlocking the handset, because these companies are most reputed in the market, they have millions of customers so you can trust them by blind eye.

3. Visit the Mobile Shop

If your mobile network does not allow you to unlock your mobile phone, then in this situation you can visit any mobile phone shop that is also working on the mobile softwares. They have tools and softwares with the help of your mobile phone that will be unlocked. But the problem with this way is the shops do not have paid softwares, they are using the crack versions to unlock the mobile phone, which may count as illegal. So if you want to go with this option then you can be at risk.

4. Try GiffGaff Unlockapedia

Ok so you don’t want to pay the money for unlocking the handset, then you can try the giffgaff unlockapedia. On this website you can find the unlock codes, for free of cost, you just need to put the mobile manufacturer name and model number. If the model number and handset’s make is valid then you can find the unlock code easily, otherwise you need to go with other ways. The giffgaff is updating regularly, so there will be rare chances that you will not be able to find the unlock code.

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