A Few Of The Ways Technology Has Changed Our Communication Methods

We have gained so much for technology over the years. Our phones have turned into tiny computers that we can do research on, and we have the ability to communicate everywhere. A few of the older benefits we no longer discuss that technology has given us include caller ID, cordless phones, and switchboard capabilities. 

Caller Identification 

For a long time we could call people from a pay phone and not worry about being traced. You’d pay your money, dial your number, and the intended household would answer. It was up to us whether the call was legit or a prank, and if it was real we’d ask for the person we needed to speak to. The interesting part about this is landline phones had no way of telling who or where the call was really coming from. Shortly after the callback service *69 was available and you could find out who was the last person that called or at least the number they called from. Then the ever evolving technology provided us with little boxes that showed exactly who was calling us and the time that they called. If you mastered your system, you knew that all you had to do was scroll backwards, some systems even lit up if there was a missed call on the log. Today if we see someone calling us that we don’t recognize we can look the person up on the unknown phone number public directory.

Cordless Phones 

For a long time landline phones were tying us down to stations inside our home. At my house we had a phone in the kitchen and that was it until I turned sixteen and requested my own line. It’s common to see landline phones in the kitchen on movies also. Perhaps that was a common place to put a landline. People who spend several hours in the kitchen may not find it to be an inconvenience if they have to stay in the kitchen to talk. Cordless phones were a big technological breakthrough. All you needed was a phone with a base plugged in and you were free to roam around the house as long as you were in range of the base. Consumers no longer had to stay in one room or run to a single location to take a phone call. 

Switchboard Capabilities 

Business are very happy with the ability for all staff members to get in touch with each other over the phone instead of traveling desk to desk. The switchboard gives companies the ability to screen calls and make sure all of the important calls get pushed through to the appropriate person. Having a receptionist answer the phone allows staff to stay productive instead of taking calls that are not beneficial for the company. The evolution of technology in business now allows all the calls to come in through a single location and get filtered out. This process would not be possible without technology. 


The evolution of technology has made our lives so much easier when it comes to communication. Now we can communicate on the go and we can choose who we talk to and when. A few of the changes advances in technology have brought us include caller identification, cordless phones, and switchboard capabilities.

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