Finer Choices for the Best Visitor Management

If the visit is from authorities , it will be the direction of the company who, together with the head of protocol or institutional relations, will wait for visitors in the lobby, the door of the building or even at the foot of the car, if the authorities that visit us They are of the highest rank. On the other hand, for more general visits, determine the technical staff that will attend, give the explanations and answer those questions asked by the guests during the visit. There you can make use of the auto receptionist software now. You can have the best deal now. Here comes the essential options you should know now.

Space and logistics

Choose and prepare the spaces where the visit will take place, including the place where the guests will wait while the rest of the group arrives.

Check previously the material and equipment necessary for the development of the visit and hire all the services that you will need that day. In general, and provided that the company has adequate space for it, it is usual to project a brief audiovisual presentation of the company. On the other hand, you may need a microphone with sound equipment, a stage or a catering service.


Plan an easy, comfortable itinerary that shows what you really want it to look like. Check that everything is in perfect state of cleanliness and operation and removes architectural barriers, if they exist.

If you have planned a long tour, set a small stop at a place of interest where you can make a brief summary of what you have seen, and even use supporting material such as a descriptive panel with images or graphics.


It is usual that, once the visit is over, the group moves to a space enabled to thank and share with the guests around a small cocktail.


This is one of the aspects that you should take care of, since as well as the visit has gone, a careless end can spoil the whole. Make a farewell in which guests are thanked for their assistance and try to keep them the best possible taste in the mouth of the day and the company.

Not all guests have to be fired by the host, hence the importance of having clear criteria of how, where and who to fire. It takes as reference the maxims of “Who receives, says goodbye”, and “the person who dismisses, should never be of a lower rank than the one who receives”.


If the visit has been of media relevance, take the opportunity to publicize the company and create a brand. If, on the contrary, it is a general visit, you can give the guests information and documentation related to the visit. It can be a dossier, a brochure, a magazine or even a promotional gift.

Visits are a great opportunity to show how your company works and social networks are a tool for mass dissemination that you should not miss. Share the event with your followers.

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