How to quickly get quality followers on Instagram?

Although they take much more time and dedication, these other methods focus more on quality than quantity.

Your ROI and your Marketing efforts will be rewarded and, in addition, you will have followers who really care about your business.

Monitor a hashtag of your niche

With a daily practice of monitoring a hashtag that corresponds to the niche you belong to, you can find leads and trends from your industry that you did not know before.

For example, if your business is a Mexican restaurant, you should monitor the hashtag #MexicanFood. As we recommend earlier, you can use tools like All Hashtag to know the tags related to your niche.

How to monitor my hashtag?

It is very simple. Just go to the Instagram magnifier and place the hashtag, there you can find any number of publications that used it.

So open each one of them (or as many as you can), analyze their content and follow the people who commented or liked you.

The people who interact in these publications are probably also interested in Mexican food, so why not try it?

You can go further, leaving a comment in these publications. Try that the comment is about the publication and that the comment is intelligent and interesting.

It is annoying that you leave comments about your business or what you sell. This can be taken as intrusive advertising and today’s audiences do not want that.

There are online tools that can help you in this monitoring process. We present some of them. Most are paid but you can use your free trial before making a decision.

Agora Pulse

With this tool you can not only monitor Instagram hashtags, also in Facebook accounts and Twitter hashtags.

By analyzing them you can find the hashtags that work best for your brand or monitor the Instagram tags that you have used in any action of your brand.

Cool Tabs

By monitoring of hashtags on Instagram, with the help of this tool you can analyze the activity of a hashtag and create tabs in a fanpage on Facebook with the activity of a particular hashtag.

It also allows you to embed the live posts of an Instagram hashtag on a website by means of a code, carry out competitions, install an Instagram Wall of your events and follow any action you take on Instagram.


If you ask us, this is our favorite tool to do a good hashtags monitoring on Instagram.

With this tool you will be able to know how many publications there are in an Instagram hashtag . You just have to enter the term in the system and it will offer you:

Embedded publications.

Cloud of related terms.

User with more frequent participation.

Most used filters.

Graph with the volume of publications in time.

Publications with greater success.

Map of publications by location.

Create your own hashtag

With the creation of a hashtag you can monitor what your users publish with the same tag.

If there is a photo that you like, post it on your account! Yes, with user authorization.

Surely the user will be so grateful that he will become your faithful follower and sponsor your account with his colleagues and family.

This can be, also, with the help of a creative contest.

Finally, it is you who decides with what method to stay.

Getting quality followers on Instagram is not easy, but making a routine of these practices is achieved in less than you imagine.

Have you done any of these methods and gave you results in less than expected?

We want to know your opinion in our social networks!

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