IMD, in-mold decoration industry and its boom

Making your product look better is one of the most important ways to attract customers and decorate your house. IMD  in mold decoration is the method in which the plastic is decorated using various designs. This helps in making the plastic look more trendy and excellent, compared to the other plastic products. Over a complex step of processes has been included, which helps in decorating the plastic to make it look more attractive.

In the four-step process of decorating the plastic, the IMD process helps in imprinting the desired design over the plastic as per the requirement of the user. The silkscreen printing over the plastic film as per the design of the customer is then followed by the thermo-forming step in which the design is made to stick on to the plastic object. In the next step, the trimming of the plastic as per the required area is done. The trimmed plastic area is then molded into a solid form by injecting a solid material from the rear end, thus making the plastic into a solidified molded form, thus making it a perfect IMD to be used as per the requirement. There can be multiple uses of the IMD, in-mould decoration, let us have a look at them, one after the other.

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Uses of the IMD, in-mold decoration

  1. The IMD designed products can be used as decorators in our homes to increase the beauty of the house and accentuate the positivity.
  2. In the manufacturing of robust materials, the IMD products are way better than the traditional products since the presence of mold in its rear make it an excellent substitute to traditional plastic products.

There is a stark difference between IMD and IML which has created a lot of confusion amongst the consumers. Let us look into the differences between them, which makes them unique.

Difference between IMD and IML

  1. IML is a beneficial component when it comes to components or parts that are disposable in nature. Suppose an ice-cream container with designs present on the container is an example of IML design. They are used for a short term purpose for products that have a lower life span.
  2. IMD products are used when the plastic is to be used for long term purposes such that the products don’t deteriorate over a period of time. In cases of equipment or refrigerator doors, IMD printing is done which ensures that the product remains perfect for longer use. With the increased thickness of the product as well as the robust durability, the IMD products enhance the longevity and life cycle.IMD in-mould decoration helps in maintaining the quality of the product which is why IMD is the preferred mode for the long-term product range.

Final thoughts

IMD in-mould decoration is the way to go for the current industries as it helps them to build the products which last for a life-time. Though there are many manufacturers, it is always recommended to choose the best one in the field.

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