What is GDPR and What are Its Effects on Businesses?


General Data Protection Regulation which regulates the law of data protection across the many European countries and the European individuals and companies. It is basically a strong yet opposed law for the replacement of the Data Protective Directive of 1995. It went live in the second quarter of 2018 on 25th May. It is mostly implemented on online and digital companies.


Firstly, this law changes the whole privacy policy of nearly every site, company and business included in this act. Every website or any company that you use or are in touch will get their privacy policy updated and changed due to the safety of the millions of individuals and businesses.

It basically affects every online company and business especially those who have a lot of daily consumers and customers and the data brokers that help them to connect with these various companies like marketing companies.

Companies that deal with everyday consumer data and privacy will be the biggest victims as they will need to completely reform and update the current going data road and policy which would result as a big loss and end for great companies and businesses. Due to these effects, your inbox will soon be clogged and rushed by companies that you might not recognise.


The biggest victims who will be affected by these policy changes will be the ‘TECH TITANS’ like Facebook, Google, Microsoft as these companies have a mammoth full of users around the Earth. Their unique policy of giving high privacy access will be overridden according to this law resulting in exploitation of an individual’s privacy to the whole of mankind as being controlled on the internet is not liked by anyone.

Accordingly, users will lose control of their privacy given to them by these various companies. Thus, companies and big websites on the web are forced to get these new policies accepted by the user, or it would dearly cost them their past experiences and businesses.


It is a win-lose situation for the individual user as now for the first time individuals could have control over these data giants. Their data but some companies like Google are doing this undercover as they are quietly changing the policy of all their web and mobile applications without letting the users get even a slight hint of the new policy and basically forcing them to opt these policies by not letting them know.

Furthermore, down the line even without letting the user know, and even under the user’s demand the information officers and legalists across the European Union may result in data operations being handled with care and the use of existing data for new acts would become common.

However, no company or business would eagerly accept this and would be probably having several trips to the courts with different cases before getting this painful law injected into them and not accepting these laws may result in implementing heavy penalties on the data regulators.

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