What Is Way finding And What Are The Various Factors On Which It Depends?

Did you ever go to a place and feel So lost that you could not make sense out of it? Did you ever want to get help in finding your way? Then probably you were at places where they were absolutely not concerned about wayfinding!

We finding is one of the most crucial things nowadays. Every public place must have a good infrastructure for wayfinding. Needless to say that there are many good wayfinding designers that you can actually get through it.

But what is way finding in the first place?

In simple words helping people find way is known as wayfinding. For example you are in an extremely enormous Mall. And you want to find your way towards the exit or towards the washroom. How do you expect to do it?

Do you wish to ask everyone on the way? Probably nothing can be more disturbing for you or the others. And this is absolutely right small science towards the washroom or towards the exit is exactly what you will look for.

These signs hints and Designs are known as wayfinding. Theyhelp people in finding way for themselves without having to disturb anyone around them. Of course there are an n number of different advantages to it.

But what are the factors that we finding works on?

A wayfinding system that works actually work on few very important factors and concentrate on them. Let us explain you what these are in the easiest ways:

  • The orientation:

Of course this is one of the very major and first factors that people should concentrate on when we are working on wayfinding. We have to suit to the particular environment of the location in order to realise how to help others in the scenario.

There is no doubt in the fact that maths can come to help but then again with search complexity in the maps people are usually not comfortable with them. It is therefore very essential for you to use the concept of maps in the simplest way possible for the people.

  • The landmarks:

Of course Again Another of the major factors that come to play a great role in a good way finding design is the factor of good landmarks. A person may not understand about a particular building or a mall in the area. But they can definitely identify a famous location near about.

Even if they don’t they will definitely get to know it from the locals. It is one of the major reasons why understanding the landmarks is really essential for the people. These landmarks play a great role in creation of a perfect wayfinding design.

  • The navigation:

When it comes to reaching an area then navigating the way towards it is one of the major factors that can help the people. With easy and last to see science things can really get interesting for the people and they will definitely not regret the decision of taking the path.

Overall wayfinding is one of the most important things in today’s world every buddy is so busy! Of course great results can be achieved out of it.

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