Why Manufacturing Companies are Incorporating Automated Manufacturing

Major companies around the world are currently incorporating policies and strategies that will ensure that most of their operations and activities are fully automated. Apple, Samsung, and General Motors are some of the organizations that have already automated a significant proportion of their activities. However, this process has led to much criticism from labor movements with the argument that a substantial number of people have been rendered jobless. Research studies, however, show that robotic automation of manufacturing activities has considerable benefits to the company. 

One of the primary reasons and benefit as to why most of the companies around the world are automating their activities is because they want to lower operational costs. It is widely agreed that companies use much of their income to pay for salaries, wages and other associated benefits. Although it is a harsh decision, the companies have decided to lay off most of the workers while at the same time automating most of the repetitive tasks within the organization. The money that was used to compensate the workers will be used in enhancing the efficiency of other departments within the company. 

There is also the fact that the government and labor unions have a major influence on how the companies relate to their employees. The government has enforced a minimum wage, which is too high for the companies, especially the startups, to bear. On the other hand, the labor unions have been pushing for lengthy contracts plus other benefits that are detrimental to the operations and financial health of the manufacturing companies. Some people want paid leaves, and others want to have other benefits such as medical, transport, and housing allowances which are too expensive for the companies. Most of the leaders have decided to automate their services and only have few workers to handle the machines. 

Efficiency and effectiveness of production is another important aspect that has led to the automation of most of the operations within the company. Automated robots in the production lines have proved to be very efficient and effective in their activities. It is easier to get a nanopositioner software for sale that will enhance the efficiency and accuracy of most of the machines operating in the production lines. It is clear to most of the technicians that the accuracy and efficiency demonstrated by the robots is difficult to be replicated by humans. Company owners have been left with no choice but to automate most of their manufacturing activities. 

Lastly, automating manufacturing process has led to increased production. Automated machines operating in the production line do not stop their operations and can work for twenty-four hours. This is not the same for human beings as they will only perform for a limited period after which they will demand to rest failure to which their production capacity will fall towards zero. Manufacturing companies have therefore decided to move towards automated manufacturing to increase their production capacity. This strategy is not only increasing profits to the companies, but it is also giving them a competitive strength against other businesses in the manufacturing sector.

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