Why SMS is Actually A Good Fit for Small Businesses

SMS stands for Short Message Service. In fact, it is the messaging service that most if not all us have to text message on our mobile phones. So, it’s not uncommon for big businesses to use SMS for their advertising services. It helps them to get the word out to the consumers. However, what about the small business owner is using SMS a good idea for them? Actually, there are several benefits for small businesses with SMS advertising, which could be news to some small business owners who live under the misconception that SMS is only beneficial for big businesses to use. But what their fail to realize is that SMS services for small business have incredible benefits waiting to be explored. 

Affordable and Convenient Advertising 

Small businesses may not have a whole lot of money to spend when it comes to their advertising budget. That is one of the main reasons why SMS could be the way to go. Turns out that using an advertiser who provides SMS promotion is more affordable than say taking out an ad in the newspaper or advertising TV and Radio. But buying a bulk texting package from SMS services gives a small business owner more bang for their buck so to speak. The convenience is also there in that sending out a simple text can be easier than say coming up with an ad, a commericial or even a mailout flyer. 

SMS Advertising Gets Results 

This is something highly desirable, using SMS for advertising actually gets results which is what any business owner wants. Not only has it stemmed results when it came to advertising but also when it came to invoices and reminding customers of payments due. There is something about a text that seems to get the word out these days far more effectively than snail mail, phone calls or even email does. 

Helps to Provide Better Customer Service 

This is an area where small businesses already seem to excel. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that they are small enough to take the time to care about each individual customer because they know the value of hanging on to them in the future. Believe it or not, again SMS can be of service in taking their customer service to the next level. Through texting, small businesses can easily get feedback from customers, even by just polling theme about what they liked about the service and what they would like to see improved. Another way that SMS is helpful for Customer service is informing a customer of a delay or cancellation for whatever given reason. 

These are just a few of the main reasons for a small business to add an SMS service to their company. SMS does take some hassle and guesswork out of the day to day operations. SMS isn’t just for big business, it’s a trend that will benefit any business owner who wants to take their business to the next level in the competitive market of today’s economy.

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