Why You Should Know Your Legal Rights with UK Laptop Repairs

Britain’s largest laptop repair shops overall are charging rip-off rates, squandering your files carelessly and making non-essential alterations to your computer. This is according to a secret investigation that showed how repair shops were cheating customers out of as much as £260 while making serious repair gaffes at the same time.

The Which? investigation revealed using secret shoppers that picking a local independent laptop repair shop rather than a national chain could save you £74 commonly. Which? looked at the high street chain Knowhow (which runs out of Car phone Warehouse, Dixons Travel and Curry’s PC World) iSmash and an array of independent shops.

How They Came to This Conclusion

Researchers brought in identical software defects to 18 separate Windows laptops. The publication characterizes it as “an uncomplicated software problem that can be solved within a matter of minutes” using expert help of course.

Secret shoppers brought such laptops into the difference shops including six Knowhow outlets, six iSmash stores and six independent stores. The repair bill that was the lowest was £45 and was imposed by both an independent store and I Smash. Additionally, iSmash also charged the highest bill as well which was a lofty £305 off a secret shopper.

This means that iSmash actually overcharged the person by a whopping £260. The ordinary repair cost for iSmash consumers was £140, however, Knowhow was able to rake in a cheaper normal price of £105. However, both were outperformed by independent stores which took an average price of only £67.

What They Do To Lure You In

In two iSmash visitations, consumers were billed for “unneeded premium solid-state drive” improvements which cost £295 and £305 respectively. Meanwhile, at Curry’s, Knowhow opted to bill an added £120 data recovery price.

Looking at the most high-priced case (with a £136 overall bill), a shopper was charged with a Windows 10 copy for £100, ultimately entirely unnecessary.

Still, it gets even worse.

“With another shop, they tried to repair a product without the consent of our secret shopper who wanted to be asked to be reached prior to any work being done,” Researcher Michael Passing ham for which? Says.

“After communication our disappointment with this, Knowhow let the shopper know it was possible to undo the fix. In reality, the shop had previously tried to reinstall Windows 10 on the customer’s laptop. This is an irrevocable process which cleared all the files on the computer.”


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